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Credit: Ellen Giamportone

Credit: Ellen Giamportone

Credit: Ellen Giamportone

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Culturally, we’ve learned to apply the slingshot approach to health and wealth: If we do enough things, maybe we’ll hit a bullseye! 

The truth is that MOST of us aren’t enjoying - nor are we aware of - the full extent of the possibilities for vibrant health and abundant wealth. Our parents, teachers and mentors still don’t know how to optimize body, mind and spirit, so how can this be taught to us or - our children?

As modern humans, we’ve been conditioned to follow a “path” to achieve success. In simplified terms, the culturally accepted paths to health and well being are organized into three categories: Western medicine, Eastern medicine and just ignore it!

But… what if there was an entirely different way to heal the body, mind and spirit? And… what if it was instantaneous?  

Dr. T has transformed the health, wealth and well being of thousands of people and animals. Remarkably, he treats them from a remote location. 

Amongst the countless approaches to creating health and wealth consciousness out there, Dr. T is truly in a class of his own. His knowledge is unmatched in the field. Using focused intention, Angels, and quantum physics: he is a human engineer for the Divine to create miracles.

Dr. T holds a Doctor of Chiropractic degree, a Bachelor of Science degree in human biology, is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and a certified massage therapist.

Dr. T is the originator of the world’s foremost remote healing training: TNT, Total kNowledge Technique, as well as the author of ten online programs designed to transform the most common things that ail humans and animals.

Dr. T is an inspirational speaker, premier engineer of health and wealth, and an in-demand consultant who leads from his heart and Soul.