Dr. T's Favorite Downloads

Welcome to our collection of free downloads.

These are some of Dr. T's favorites and he wishes to share them. He encourages you to use them to aid in your healing journey.

You may play them directly on the page or download them to keep.

Relax 2 Heal Audio Meditation

This is a stress reliever that can significantly enhance your healing processes.

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Radiant Health Lymph Clearing Exercise

This is a short video and a quick (It takes 3 minutes!) process you can do to move and clear your lymphatic system. It's something I do daily and I encourage you to do it everyday, twice a day - or more often if you feel unwell - and you’ll notice a huge shift in your overall well being and energy levels. -Dr. T

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Heart Resonance Audio Meditation

This is for healing and/or lifting your heart and vibrational energy.

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