The TNT Mentor Sessions

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The monthly program is led by Dr. T for our TNT graduates to improve their practice of their TNT skills, ask questions, receive answers and be part of the TNT community.

Now that you’ve attended TNT and are filled with new kNowledge, you may desire to have ongoing support and mentorship. It is no secret to anyone who has ever attended an educational workshop or multi-day event that you can return home and wish you had additional guidance.

Dr. T wants you to have the opportunity to improve your skills, your health and well being, ask him questions, receive answers and enjoy connecting with your fellow graduates in our exclusive alumni community of like-minded people with whom you can practice TNT. 

The TNT Mentor Sessions solve that and offer you more opportunities to practice, implement and develop your new skills.

If you like the idea of being able to take your time and deepen your learning process, our TNT Mentor Sessions program is perfect for you.

You will work with Dr. T in a group setting once a month for 90 minutes.

The structure of each session will allow you to digest the information offered and apply the lessons learned from each session slowly and thoughtfully. 

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Each Mentor Session will consist of a powerful lesson followed by a lively Q & A that will be valuable for your practice of the work and offers Dr. T a deep understanding of what you need to uplevel your skills. 

After each Q & A, Dr. T will do a group treatment. Everyone gets treated here!

All Mentor Sessions will be recorded, so even if you can’t attend, you’ll have access to each session.


In the TNT Mentor Sessions, you will receive:

💥 In-depth monthly sessions on topics strategic to your deeper learning, understanding and application of TNT  

💥 Dr. T’s latest information on health and wellness, including new and/or updated methods and the opportunity to learn about supplements 

💥 The ability to ask Dr. T vital questions of importance regarding your own health and the health and well being of your loved ones, including your animal companions

💥 Connect with your fellow graduates in our exclusive alumni community of like-minded people with whom you can practice TNT

💥 And most importantly, how to consistently improve your health and navigate the mental game of securing your own well being in a world that is filled with many outside opinions

Only available for graduates of TNT: Total kNowledge Technique™.


Mark Your Calendars and Join Us for these 2022 Dates:

August 17th 💥 September 13th 💥 October 11th 💥 November 16th 💥 December 14th

at 5 pm PDT


TNT Mentor Sessions



per month

In-depth Monthly Sessions

Monthly Q&A Sessions with Dr. T

 Monthly Group and Individual Treatments

TNT Global Mentor Program will renew each month at $111.00