Dr. T's TNT is March 24 - 26, 2022 and it's Dynamite!!! 

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Following a near death experience at the age of 13, Dr. T was given a second chance at life from an Angel.

At the time, he did not realize the depth of kNowledge that was passed onto him. 

Thousands of Dr. T’s human clients, as well as animals, have experienced the Gift the Angels bring. 

After 25 years of clinical trials and errors, Dr. T now shares his TNT: Total kNowledge Technique training.

Dr. T and The Angels are waiting for you.


Dr. T is able to engineer improved health and well being for humans and animals. He can observe and shift your body, mind, heart, spirit and Soul - often with just one healing. 

He successfully clears viruses, pathogens, parasites, bacteria, allergies, mold, fungus, gut issues, infections, skin conditions, aches, pains and more.

He can also remove unreleased stress, anxiety, unhealed trauma, stuck emotions, phobias, even past life issues, all which cloud and/or disrupt how our organs and various internal systems function.

Dr. T says, “I'm not a healer, I am a very knowledgeable tour guide and a problem solver for what ails humans and animals.


By being able to correct emotional and mental disturbances, the health and well being of the physical body is unlimited.”

Dr. T has invested 25 years into developing a TOTAL system that encompasses the radiant well being of the body, mind, heart, spirit and soul.. His technology, which he calls TNT: Total kNowledge Technique, can be done in-person or remotely.

TNT is a unique, science-backed system that begins with a Road Map of your entire physiology and your extended energy fields.

This works on ANYbody, animal or human, and it works on your business and career, as well as organizations, companies, and markets. People have seen their stocks, investments and income increase exponentially with a TNT session.

Now you have the opportunity to be trained in and possess this rare knowledge, too.

This March, Dr. T would like to invite you to join him to learn how you can be in control and command of your health and wealth, and support others' with theirs, too.

When you learn TNT, you will have:

  • Dr. T’s Road Map, a one-hour head-to-toe treatment that addresses body, mind and spirit and resolves many conditions often with just one session
  • A specific method of addressing long-term emotional distress and trauma without TALKING about it
  • Access to the field of Angels and the knowing of how to direct them in any manner you choose
  • Organ assessment and specific nutritional guidance for each organ
  • Quick, confident methods of bio-feedback testing that allows you to make accurate assessment for quick and enduring results
  • Skills to encourage positive emotions, moods, thoughts and feelings on demand
  • The facility to perform In-Person and Remote Sessions
  • Harmony in the heart, body, mind and soul so that all systems work together
  • The ability to help yourself and others with pathogens, gastrointestinal concerns, skin
    conditions, allergies, aches and pains, stress, anxiety, stuck emotions, phobias and end even
    past life disharmonies
  • More control of your health and wellness with a noninvasive technique with no side effects or complications
  • Abundance in all areas of your life; health, relationships, careers, income and so much more!

You Are Invited To Learn TNT in Beautiful Prescott, Arizona

March 24 - 26, 2022 

Here's what  Dr. T wants you to know.
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Humanengineering, Inc.

“I’ve spent over a million $ in training to up-level my education, knowledge, career, relationships and personal development. As a former owner of a Financial Services company, where I oversaw millions of dollars of people’s life savings and investments, I now work with high net worth immigrant men and teach them how to invest in their own Heart and Soul. Nothing compares to what I learned from Dr. T at his TNT training this past weekend. TNT is epic. I recommend it to anyone who is actively involved in expanding their advanced skills as a human and committed to growing closer to Source and God. I’m excited to take TNT back to the men’s group I founded and offer it to the men I coach.”

Los Angeles. CA

Humanengineering, Inc.

“I found something that will allow you to retain your joy / bring it back!, keep you grounded, sustain you, give you the room you need to nourish your life, vision, calling and impact, and amp up your true power and your capability to command energy - through the shifts and changes we are going through now - and the ones coming up.
This will also allow you to transform your health, financial and interpersonal circumstances, and well being immediately. Really.
I’m experiencing this now.”

Los Angeles, CA

"These healing techniques are universal and everyone deserves to have this knowledge."  ~Dr. T

Love From Our Graduates


Dr. Greg Ross

Experienced Miracles

Angela Jordan


Lauren Director


Ginny Collier


Kiko Ellsworth

A Complete Release

Jackye Swidler


Mila Morgan

It's Working!

Nate Kiyam


Kim L. Hartz

"Powerful Work"



"It has been the most transformative experience of my life!"


"I've never experienced anything like Dr. T's work!"


"I am so grateful for Dr. T and Esther and working with the angels."


"This has made my relationship with God stronger."

TNT-1 Live Training

Dr. T will spend 3 full days teaching you the many secrets he has melded together in his 25 years of clinical practice. With the Road Map, you will be able to replicate on others, much of what he does when you visit him for a session. There is no prerequisite for this training. This is geared for every level, from beginner to doctor!!!

Humanengineering, Inc.

“I loved learning so many techniques. I loved the step-by-step roadmap to follow. I loved the team and group which offered such warmth and support throughout the training. I loved that Dr. T answered every question and assisted everyone when practicing. I loved the focus on the practice and not just on the theoretical. I loved Dr. T's belief that we could do it and his passion!”

Los Angeles. CA

Humanengineering, Inc.

“What an amazing seminar that was….it was truly special and I want to thank you for every minute of it.
Learning about how to access the Angels was just so powerful!
Thank you Dr. T and Esther for all you did for us!”

Dallas, TX

Here's What Dr. T's Patients Have To Say

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Dr. T Clears Chronic Conditions


Dr. T Clears Allergies and Phobias


Dr. T to the Rescue!

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March 24 - 26, 2022

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March 24 - 26, 2022

9 am - 7 pm PST

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2 Payments

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March 24 - 26, 2022

9 am - 7 pm PST

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Stay with Us at the Beautiful Hilton Garden Inn

The Best Place to Stay in Prescott, AZ

Double Queen

Single King


Hotel Pool and Jacuzzi from the Historic Railway Bridge

Training Room

Celebration Dinner


Outside View

Discover Downton Prescott

It's Amazing!!!

Explore Prescott's Nature

It's Beautiful!!!

"You will experience healing in one way or another so bring what ails you and expect to leave without it!" ~Dr. T

Want to kNow More? Ask Dr. T

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What will I learn in this training?

What else can be cleared using TNT?

How long will it take me to learn TNT?

How did you learn to work with angels?

How will this training affect me?

Do you teach emotional work?

Do you teach manifestation?

Can TNT be used to treat animals?

Will I need a license to practice TNT on others?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this hands-on healing or a form of Reiki?

Like hypnosis, which Dr. T studied for years and is credentialed in, TNT can be done remotely or in-person.

TNT isn’t Reiki, and you’re not running your own or anyone else’s energy to solve a health issue for someone. You’re merely directing the Angels on where to focus, very specifically allowing them to do all of the work and using one of Dr. T’s elegant and simple protocols to do it.

Will I really have the know-how to do this after the training?

Yes! This doesn’t require that you have an education in physiology, biology or that you even understand where all of the organs are in human or animal bodies and you don’t need to be a healer, a doctor, a dentist, a nurse, or someone trained in one of the medical fields. While Dr. T has trained people in almost all of these professions, he’s also trained actors, writers, producers, a sex therapist, a financial services exec, a horse healer, the Chairman of a bank, a 14-year old boy, an osteopath, a functional medicine doctor, a life coach, a business services consultant, an administrative VP, massage therapist and art therapist. Dr. T is confident you will be able to do what he teaches you before the end of the first day.

Can I fly into Phoenix?

Yes! Phoenix is 101 miles from Prescott. You're welcome to rent a car or you can use a local transportation service for $39 each way plus an additional $10 and dropped off at the Hilton Garden Inn (details once you purchase). If you fly into Prescott Regional Airport, a private taxi can be arranged for a cost $23 one way, per person. 

Will I have a choice of hotels to stay at?

Yes! Your hotel is not included in the price of the training. You can stay at the Hilton Garden Inn where the event will be held. We've secured a special price for you. Across the street, there is a Hampton Inn and Suites. We toured this hotel to make sure it was beautiful, modern and clean.

What about meals, are they included?

Coffee, water, tea and light snacks will be provided during training. Lunches and other meals will not be provided. We will supply you with lunch options in the local area. There will be a celebration dinner provided on Saturday night following the conclusion of the training.

What should I bring with me?

You will want to wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in. Bring layers as it may be cooler. Notebooks and pens will be provided.

Can I bring my pet?

Yes! The Hilton Garden Inn allows pets, but they will not be allowed in the training room for the seminar. Let them know when you book your room. Please bring a carrier for your animal companion.

How about sharing rooms and rides?

We encourage it! After you register, you'll have access to a group chat. Just make your requests of people in there!

When do you suggest I arrive and depart?

You will need to arrive on Wednesday as the seminar will start on Thursday at 9am. It is recommended to depart on Sunday morning or afternoon. Or later, if you want to stay and vacay and perhaps, take a road trip to Sedona!

Why Prescott, Arizona?

Prescott is quickly gaining popularity as America's newest spiritual vortex. A short 67-mile drive from Sedona, Prescott boasts a higher elevation, 4 distinct seasons, ample wildlife and natural features including the famed red rocks combined with rivers, creeks and streams.

Prescott has a beautiful downtown area and has maintained its quaint vintage buildings, along with on-trend new boutiques and high quality restaurants. Every night, there are live events at the traditional County Square; concerts, art shows, dancing, auctions and political rallies. There's something for everyone!

Dr. T recently relocated here from Los Angeles and prefers the clean air, light traffic, population of 60,000 and extraordinary opportunities to thrive in nature, that Prescott provides!

He wants you to experience this, too!

We Hope You Can Join Us!


Because of his full patient calendar and travel schedule, it is ruff, ruff to have proximity and an extended amount of time with Dr. T. 

This alone is worth the price of admission!

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This Training is for You...  

If you have an awareness that you’d like to learn how to protect and safeguard your health and well being, support others, including your beloved animal companions to immediately heal, change any circumstance in your life for the ultimate better then this is for YOU - and it’s for your friends and family who are interested in having a solution for these challenging times and would like more command and power in their lives, too.        

There’s nothing like this anywhere!

TNT Live Event Payment Options

March 24 - 26, 2022

Full Payment


March 24 - 26, 2022

9 am - 7 pm PST

Once you purchase, you will receive an email with all the details

You may be eligible for PayPal credit

No Refunds

2 Payments

$2500 Today

$2500 in 30 Days

March 24 - 26, 2022

9 am - 7 pm PST

Once you purchase, you will receive an email with all the details

You may be eligible for PayPal credit

No Refunds

For more information, please email us at info@ahumanengineer.com