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in Rhinebeck, NY

August 25 - 30, 2024





Many call it a Miracle, Dr. T calls it TNT

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Total kNowledge Technique™ is a simple, rapid and proven method of working with Angels that anyone can learn to correct conditions that affect the body, mind and spirit. 

This TNT Training is the essentials from 25- years of Dr. T’s clinical practice learned in 5 days where you will acquire the tools and kNowledge to transform your life and others.

This is a special training. We have condensed all of the information you need for this moment in time. While this is a beginners level class, you will be an expert when you leave. The only requirement is curiosity!

You will learn:

  • Philosophy of Quantum Mechanics
  • Methods of working with Angels
  • kNowledge: Physiology, Anatomy, Emotional causation
  • Remote Healing
  • How to work with Animals
  • The TNT Roadmap for completing a healing session

To have this kNowledge in your hands will change your life. The Angels are waiting  for you!

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Everyone has the Ability to Access and Apply this Universal kNowledge.

TNT will Supercharge this Access for You!


Hear From Our Graduates

Dr. Greg, DC

Experienced Miracles

TNT 2, Oct 2021

Diane, Teacher

If I can do it, so can you!

TNT 7, June 2023

Elaine, Reiki Practitioner

"I've never seen the results that I'm seeing right now"

TNT 7, June 2023

Erik, Yoga & Ski Instructor

"I'm going home full of hope, happiness and high vibration"

TNT 5, Oct 2022

Shivani, Computer Programmer

"The training was light, playful & joyful!"

TNT 4, June 2022

Pippa, Meditation Teacher


TNT 8, Oct 2023

Susan, Rob, Kate & Ana  

"This has been a life changing experience"

TNT 6, May 2023


"Thank you Dr. T for helping me regain my hearing during the class!"

TNT 7, June 2023

Dr. Steve, DC

We see it right now!

TNT 8, Oct 2023

Jackye, Creator PEACE Prayer SHARE


TNT 2, Oct 2021

Dr. Bernie, DC

Very powerful and easy to learn, I will start using the protocols tomorrow morning

TNT 8, Oct 2023

Dr. Ivy, Doctor of Divinity

The training was deeply healing for me personally Divine Timing!

TNT 8, Oct 2023


You're working with the Angels, it's beautiful.

TNT 10, June 2024


The most effective healing art that I've ever encountered.

TNT 10, June 2024


It's creating miracles. It's beautiful, amazing, astounding work.

TNT 10, June 2024

When You Learn TNT, You Will Have:

  • A comprehensive Roadmap to follow to address the most important health issues of our time
  • The ability to help yourself and others with adverse conditions no other technique addresses. The Angels are waiting for you to tell them how to do this. We provide the kNowledge
  • A specific method of addressing long-term emotional distress and trauma without TALKING about it
  • Access to the field of Angels and the kNowledge of how to direct them for healing
  • Quick, confident methods of bio-feedback testing that allows you to make accurate assessment for quick and enduring results
  • Skills to encourage positive emotions, moods, thoughts and feelings on demand
  • The faculty to perform In-Person and Remote Sessions
  • The ability to create harmony in the heart, body, mind and spirit allowing all of these systems to work optimally
  • More control of your health and wellness with a non-invasive technique
  • Turbocharged abundance in all areas of your life; health, relationships, careers, income and so much more!

Here Is What You Will Learn at TNT:

  • You will have an understanding of Applied Quantum Mechanics that allows you to receive instantaneous access to the Fields of Angels used for TNT healing
  • Methods of testing that provides you with unique insights into your own and others’ health
  • The reasons health can decline, the primary causative factors and discover how to reverse those
  • Within the first hour, you will see Angels in action - healing someone in class - and YOU will be directing this. SEEING IS BELIEVING!!
  • Look forward to seeing and receiving miracles!
  • To easily follow the comprehensive Total kNowledge Technique™ Roadmap used for TNT Healing Sessions
  • Learn how to correct adverse emotional events that are keeping you stuck, and experience true emotional freedom
  • Neutralize painful life experiences WITHOUT talking about them
  • Practice TNT on your fellow students and SEE the RESULTS of Your New kNowledge
  • Witness more Miracles from The Angels and facilitate them YOURSELF! 
  • Seeing is Believing!!!
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  • Practice and refine your own ability to utilize high intentional focus for instantaneous results
  • Delve more deeply into the Morphic Field and learn how to more powerfully direct The Angels for Healing, Abundance and Miracles
  • Gain kNowledge of the body, mind and spirit and secrets of healing previously unknown
  • Continued hands-on practice with TNT shifts your belief in yourself and your faith in the power of TNT and The Angels
  • Leave with the confidence and ability to practice TNT on your own and generate remarkable results and miracles!



There is no prior experience needed or prerequisite required for this training.

This is geared for every person from beginner to doctor.


Total kNowledge Technique™

Rhinebeck, NY

Attend TNT this Summer! 

August 25 - 30, 2024


August 25 - 30, 2024

  • TNT taught over 5-days with plenty of time to enjoy the Omega Institute Campus, on more than 250 acres in New York's Hudson Valley
  • Amenities include Farm to Table meals in the cafeteria, Yoga, Tai Chi, Wellness Studio, Meditation Gardens, Lake and Evening Events.

Note: Once you click the registration button below, you will be redirected to Omega Institute for Holistic Studies' website in order to complete your registration.


Omega TNT Room and Travel Information

This TNT Training Event will be held at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, NY.

The Omega Institute has several room options and we recommend you stay on-campus to get the full Omega Experience!

Click the button below for room and travel information, activities and amenities included and to access the workshop schedule.

Omega Institute Room and Travel Information


Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Rhinebeck, NY


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this hands-on healing or a form of Reiki?

TNT is not Reiki, and you’re not running your own or anyone else’s energy to solve a health issue for someone. You are directing Angels very specifically, allowing them to do all of the work you are seeking to have done.

Will I really have the know-how to do this after the training?

Yes! This does not require that you have an education in physiology, biology or that you even understand where all of the organs are in human or animal bodies.  You do not need to be a healer or someone trained in any of the medical fields.  Dr. T has trained people from all walks of life including doctors, business execs, attorneys, homemakers, construction workers and even a teenager!  Dr. T is confident you will be able to do what he teaches you before the end of the first day.

What should I bring with me?

You will want to wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move around in. Bring layers as it may be cooler. Notebooks and pens will be provided.

When do you suggest I arrive and depart?

Plan to arrive the day prior to training if traveling from out of town. The training will start at 9 am. Plan your departure anytime following the conclusion of the training at noon. Or later, if you want to stay and vacay!

Will I have a choice of hotels to stay at?

Yes! Since your hotel is not included in the price of the training, you have the option of staying anywhere you like. However, we recommend and encourage you to stay on-campus to get the full Omega experience! Their room rates are comparable to hotel rooms or AirBNB's or you can bring your tent and camp-out!

How about sharing rooms and rides?

We encourage it! After you register, you'll have access to a group forum. Make your requests there!

Will I need to rent a car?

No, not unless you want to. Omega is accessible by taxi or rideshare.

What about meals, are they included?

Yes! Three farm-to-table meals per day are included in the price of your tuition. You will also have access to additional classes such as yoga and tai chi and access to hiking trails, the Ram Dass library... plus so much more. They even have pickleball!

More From Our Graduates


"It has been the most transformative experience of my life!"



(Months after her first time at TNT - she did come back to TNT a second time!)

"It's been life-changing for me!"



"I am so grateful for Dr. T and Esther and working with the angels."



"This has made my relationship with God stronger."

This Training is for You...

There’s nothing like this anywhere!


Humanengineering, Inc.

“I loved learning so many techniques. I loved the step-by-step roadmap to follow. I loved the team and group which offered such warmth and support throughout the training. I loved that Dr. T answered every question and assisted everyone when practicing. I loved the focus on the practice and not just on the theoretical. I loved Dr. T's belief that we could do it and his passion!”

Los Angeles. CA

Humanengineering, Inc.

“What an amazing seminar that was….it was truly special and I want to thank you for every minute of it.
Learning about how to access the Angels was just so powerful!
Thank you Dr. T and Esther for all you did for us!”

Dallas, TX

 If you need to See It To Believe It, come check out...

 ... a series of experiential conversations with Dr. T in which YOU can learn more about how to do what he does and see him do it LIVE, as well!

Seeing is Believing! 

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Sunday, July 7th, 9 am PDT


"You will experience healing in one way or another so bring what ails you and expect to leave without it!" -Dr. T

Total kNowledge Technique™

Rhinebeck, NY

Attend TNT this Summer! 

August 25 - 30, 2024

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August 25 - 30, 2024

  • TNT taught over 5-days
  • Located at the Omega Institute Campus, on more than 250 acres in New York's Hudson Valley
  • The donor-supported nature of the school allows for this subsidized tuition

Note: Once you click the registration button below, you will be redirected to Omega Institute for Holistic Studies' website in order to complete your registration.

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Seeing is Believing!  

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