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"It has been the most transformative experience of my life!"


"I've never experienced anything like Dr. T's work!"


"I am so grateful for Dr. T and Esther and working with the angels."


"This has made my relationship with God stronger."

OMG I don't have a migraine… for the 1st time in almost TWO YEARS!!!!

"Dr. T,  It's incredible! My period started yesterday (and it was early, on cycle day 24 so between 4-6 days EARLY which has never happened in my life) and I did not have a migraine!  Normally, I would have had migraines starting about day 20 of my cycle, and lasting all the way to day 2 or 3...or beyond, sometimes for two straight weeks with no relief.

I felt fine all last week and fine yesterday! Today I have a very mild headache but nothing compared to what I've experienced these last two years!

I am excited for our session next week so we can take a look and make sure this continues, because it's really amazing and a true MIRACLE. Thank you thank you thank you!!!"  ~Tarah, San Carlos, CA


Dr. T Clears Chronic Conditions


Dr. T Clears Allergies and Phobias

Humanengineering, Inc.

“Just have to thank you again! 49 years old and have fingernails for the first time in my life!!!!!!! ”

Malibu, CA

Humanengineering, Inc.

“17-year chronic cough gone in two treatments!!! A miracle!!!”

Minneapolis, MN

Humanengineering, Inc.

“After sleepless nights due to pain/itching from welts all over my body, I slept all night, no pain, no itching!!!”

Carlsbad, CA


Dr. T's Got Your Back!


Dr. T Clears Pain, Scars and HPV

Pumi Is A Different Dog

"Dear Dr. T,  You have worked your magic again. OMG. Pumi came home from the groomers yesterday, and has been a different dog since. It is working!!  He walked the farthest he has in a long time this morning, didn’t rush over and devour his bowl (like he normally does!) only a small bit of panting and pacing yesterday evening. His tummy still looks swollen, but he seems at ease and content. You are on the right track - whatever you’re doing, it’s working. I cannot believe my eyes. Thank you a million times Over. Zowie. I’m so happy. 

Much love and gratitude,"  ~N


Dr. T Clears Multiple Infections and Anxiety


Dr. T Clears an Allergic Reaction

Banana Before

Banana's eye is still red this morning but doesn’t look like there’s much fluid coming out. Here’s a photo of her last night, so you see what her eye looks like. Thank you!  ~Anonymous

Banana After

Just wanted to let you know Banana’s eye is all better! She’s able to open it like normal. It's not red anymore. I just need to clean the crusty part off from the fluid. Thank you so much for making her better!! :)

Humanengineering, Inc.

“I am feeling much better. No more vertigo. Thank you so much for your help. It was amazing, when you first worked on me, I felt my ears tingle and open up. Amazing stuff. Safe travels. Best,”

Humanengineering, Inc.

“I feel so much better! It’s not heavy anymore. No headaches. No cramps. No dizziness. No heavy bleeding. Energy back up. None of the other stuff you worked on either. I feel like I'm back to my normal self. Thank you so much! You’re AMAZING!!!!”

Humanengineering, Inc.

“So nice to meet you too! Thank you so much for everything! My energy level has been so high today, it is unbelievable. I feel great! No headaches or back pain! Thanks again! ”

Heart Bloomed Open Like a Flower

"Hi guys!!  Just wanted to wait until the webcast was over to say wow!!!! That was an absolutely amazing experience! I had some technical difficulty with my video but my audio was perfect and I just zoned out and felt my heart literally bloom like a flower. I could feel all the Beautiful energy from everyone else (what a special group of people)! It’s so easy to forget that - as you said Love is the single most important thing to our existence. Thank you for the reminder! On a personal level this is exactly what I needed to allow my heart to open back up. Looking forward to all the love coming my way! Love you guys love you guys love you guys!!!"  ~Tharini


Dr. T Clears Emotional Affect and Viral Infection


Dr. T Clears Tooth Pain, Back Pain and Unreleased Emotions