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"Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it." -Chinese Proverb

Dr. Anthony Cahill began his practice in Los Angeles, CA in 2000 while attending Chiropractic College and was quickly drawn towards the quantum mechanics of healing. A client in the beginning stated to him, “You are not a doctor, you are Ahumanengineer!”, and this began his moniker of Ahumanengineer.  Indeed his practice is unlike others in that he draws a certain kind of client that is open to more eclectic healing modalities than most standard Chiropractors use. His ability to use intention and universal energetic fequencies to guide one through the healing process has expanded his practice remotely to all corners of the earth. Always seeking and curious, Dr. Cahill continues to study and discover healing techniques being uncovered by the ancients as well as discovering new advanced methods of healing using intent. He has a deep devotion to his clients and uses the wisdom of nature and humor to assist them in their healing.