Dr. T's Crazy Unknown Shift!


4-Session Virtual Event for Optimal Health & Rapid

Transformation of the Things No One Has Been Able

To Solve or Understand

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Dr. T has 100's of testimonials for his remote, rapid transformation sessions.

In the group setting for Your Crazy Unknown Shift, Dr. T will devote four 60-minute sessions to focus on and clear your Unresolvable, Unknown, Undiagnosed and/or Misdiagnosed Ailments. 

All 4 sessions will be done remotely: You will be sitting in the comfort of your own home and Dr. T will broadcast to you from his private Zoom room.


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We Meet Once a Week - for 4 Weeks - from Wherever You Are! 


Straight From His Heart!

Dr. T made this Special Video for you to learn the details of Crazy Unknown Shift!

Dr. T will use specific modalities to clear and transform your “crazy unknowns”. These are the issues and ailments that have gone undiagnosed and/or have never been correctly diagnosed. Undiagnosed and misdiagnosed issues are far more common than most people realize. 

In a study done at Mayo Clinic, of patients who sought second opinions, researchers learned that only 12% were correctly diagnosed by their primary care providers. More than 20% were misdiagnosed and 66% required changes to their initial diagnoses.


Crazy Unknown Shift is a Comprehensive Program

  • Experience optimal health and rapid transformation for your entire body
  • Alleviate and resolve many conditions
  • Address long-term physical issues, emotional distress and trauma that are related to your overall health
  • Restore physical function
  • Relieve and/or banish pain
  • Included are 2 synergistic nutritional products to facilitate your optimal healing

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In some cases, Dr. T's patients have reported that their issues were completely eliminated.

We wish the same for you.

Dr. T became a doctor after struggling for years with chronic low back and neck pain. After seeing countless acupuncturists, chiropractors, healers, massage therapists and physical therapists, he stumbled onto a doctor at a health fair who was doing something entirely different than everyone else. During that treatment, Dr. T’s relief was immediate and years of pain was erased in seconds. This doctor inspired Dr. T to continue his healing journey and seek out methods that work quickly, as well as effectively. 

Now, after 25 years of exploration, education and implementation, Dr. T is ready to be of great support to you with his proven techniques, remotely, wherever you are.


Crazy Unknown Shift Virtual Event

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 4-Week Program


"Seeing is Believing!" ~Dr. T

You will experience transformation in one way or another so bring what ails you and expect to leave without it!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

#1 How long before I know this is working?

You should notice a shift in symptoms after the first session. Even if the physical pain or symptom does not have an actual shift after the first session, you should notice a subtly that something did happen, and that more will happen after the next session.

#2 What if my symptoms get worse?

While this is extremely rare, the best thing to do is use a cool bag of water on top of the site for 10 minutes. Do not use ice, and do not use heat. Just a bag of water with a few ice cubes or a bag of water that has sat in the refrigerator for an hour or two. Do not press on or continue to irritate site out of investigation. Leave it alone, only use the cool bag of water. This is also why the programs have several sessions to be sure this does not happen and that your healing goes smoothly.

#3 What if my symptoms appear in another part of my body?

While this is extremely rare, the best thing to do is use a cool bag of water on top of the site for 10 minutes. Do not use ice, and do not use heat. Just a bag of water with a few ice cubes, or a bag of water that has sat in the refrigerator for an hour or two. This is also why the programs have several sessions to eliminate this kind of migration that can occur. While is it rare, we have seen this pattern and have made plans to ameliorate these types of concerns.

#4 What if I feel nothing at all has shifted after our first session?

This is why the programs are structured the way they are. By giving us four opportunities for the healing to take place, we can uncover reasons your healing may be blocked for some reason. Chances are others have failed in being able to help you; we are not going to let that happen. The programs are built to uncover the reason you may not be healing and then deliver the information needed to have the healing take place.

#5 What if after the program I am not 100%?

You will need to do another one. The quantity of treatments people require can never be fully known. These programs have been created to give you the best opportunity you have ever had for your healing. Sometimes though, a single program may not be enough to push your condition over the hump. If you have reached your goal of 100%, we still suggest doing at least 3 programs a year to keep your body, mind and spirit in a place that tends towards staying healthy.

#6 What if I do the program and symptoms start to return after a few months?

Depending on what you are reaching out for help with, you should consider a program every 3 to 4 months. If we find a pathogenic cause to your concern, it can be very difficult to completely eliminate all pathogens responsible, as they will rebuild their colony and attempt to overwhelm your system once again. This is called quorum sensing and is a process by which pathogens overwhelm a biological system. The best way to avoid this is to take the herbs we have suggested, and attend a healing program a few times a year.

#7 Do any of these programs address emotional concerns?

They all do, there is always and emotional component to healing. This is not something you will need to talk about on the Zoom session. It is, and should be, part of any healing regimen.

#8 Do you offer a refund?

Yes, for new members, you may request a refund (minus the cost of supplements received) anytime up until the beginning of the 2nd session. Once you attend the 2nd session, you waive your right to a refund. However, if you continue with the program, we believe you will feel a difference. For existing members who choose the Weekly Drop-In Payment, there is no refund.

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